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JANS hopes for peace and protection against war disasters caused by Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which has now continued since February 24, 2022, is not acceptable to the nations of the world wishing to co-exist in peace, and the people of Ukraine are daily threatened by the fear of bombing and uncertainty, and are forced to seek safe shelter within or outside Ukraine. The war damage Russia is inflicting on Ukraine is hazardous to the whole population and many innocent people have suffered from health problems and even been killed.

The area of conflict includes the Crimean Peninsula, known to all nurses, where Nightingale treated many soldiers in the Crimean War, regardless of enemy or ally. JANS hopes for the well-being and protection of all people in Ukraine, Russia, neighbouring countries and evacuation destination countries. We urge the end of the attacks that have caused many deaths and the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people. We would like to thank all the courageous Ukrainian nursing / medical professionals and the nursing / medical professionals in neighbouring countries during this war.

The business purpose of Japan Academy of Nursing Science is "social activities to contribute to people's health and welfare", "business carried out all over Japan and overseas".
Taking into account the stated business purpose of JANS and the Academy’s budgetary requirements for this term, your Board of Directors have decided that JANS will donate 5 million yen on our members’ behalf to UNICEF’s "Ukraine Emergency Fundraising"
to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the bereaved families, the injured, displaced persons and people who have lost their homes in Ukraine, and earnestly hope that the well-being of the people of Ukraine and world peace will be restored as soon as possible.

14 March 2022
Shigeko Horiuchi
Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Japan Academy of Nursing Science

Last Update:March 24, 2022
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