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Steps to Become a Member

Steps to become a member

  1. Application submitted and received
    The JANS Office will contact applicants if documentation is insufficient etc.
  2. Evaluation
    The application will be evaluated by the General Affairs Committee (meets 12 times/year)
  3. Approval
    The application will be approved by the Board of Directors (meets 6 times/year)
  4. Interim registration (valid for 2 months)
    The JANS Office will send your admission approval notice and invoice of membership fee.
  5. Payment
    By credit card : 10,000 Yen/year
  6. Confirmation of payment
    If membership fee payment is not completed within 2 months after new membership approval, approval will be cancelled.
  7. Dispatch of notification of admission
    -Membership ID and password will be issued.
    -ID and password to access the JANS members page to confirm your registration information and membership fee payment status, etc. and to change your membership registration details.

Membership Admission Procedure

Application Form Please send your application form to : office@jans.or.jp

* Please read the Membership Qualification Standards carefully before you apply. Please direct any inquiries to the JANS office.

Caution: Please make certain all the necessary information is provided. In particular, missing information for application evaluation, such as research achievements, may delay the evaluation process.

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