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Chairperson's Address to Members

August 2019

Hiromi Sanada, PhD, RN
Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Japan Academy of Nursing Science


Honored to have been appointed Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Japan Academy of Nursing Science since 10, June 2019, I acknowledge everyone’s cooperation and assistance as I follow in the footsteps of the former Chairperson, Dr. Yayoi Kamakura, working for the further development of the Japan Academy of Nursing Science based upon its basic philosophy to contribute to society both within Japan and globally based on the advancement and dissemination of Nursing Science.

Among the 14 Directors elected this term, this Board features 9 who are new faces on the Board, 4 of them are in their 30s or 40s, and 3 are male. Additionally, the two Auditors are highly experienced.

So, what I believe that our members expect from the current term's Board of Directors, besides representing the interests of all our members of course, is to promote environment enabling young researchers and male researchers to flourish as well, from the viewpoint of senior researchers mentoring young researchers, and to create a system that can put this into practice. However, since the term of Directors is limited to two years, I would like to particularly focus our energies on these two goals this term:

1. As an Academy for the advocacy of Nursing Science

We will publish guidelines for promoting the development and standardization of nursing care, which was initiated during the term of the previous Board, and will start setting up a system to attract large research funding that is sorely lacking for current nursing research.

2. Aiming for globalization and increasing the number of articles of young researchers

We will consider new strategies to promote the research activities of young researchers, such as improvement of the submission instructions for our Japanese and English journals and system for a quick review process, grants for research in Japan and overseas, and awards for research presentations at the JANS Academic Conference. Also, in order to accelerate globalization, we will increase the number of presentations in English at our JANS Academic Conference and deepen our ties with the World Academy of Nursing Science (WANS) hosted by our Academy. These will be summarized in the 2019FY as a report for the Young Researchers Promotion Plan.

In addition, during this term we will conduct a survey of members who have had experience as Councilors, about the current status and issues for fostering young researchers, and we also plan to consider contribution strategies of senior researchers who are in a position to mentor and encourage junior researchers.

Actually, my debut Conference presentation was at the 2nd JANS Academic Conference (1982). I remember receiving many questions from my seniors, and anxiety feeling that I could not answer all of them, but it definitely motivated me to do better with my next research. My membership number is 278 because I became a JANS member in 1982. Currently, JANS has over 9,000 members, and it feels like a totally new world compared to those days. For the 37 years since my first Conference presentation, I have loved this Academy. This has been because this Academy has always provided me with information on new theories and methodologies. Particularly when I was young, I remember always the thrill of "What new nursing science can I learn at the next scientific Conference?"

It is my dream that this historic society, which has been leading nursing science since its dawn, will increase the number of young researchers who can feel WAKUWAKU (excitement and thrill) by disseminating information on new nursing science to meet the needs of the times.

In conclusion, in order to pursue the basic philosophy of our Japan Academy of Nursing Science to contribute to the health and welfare of all people through the development of nursing science, now that Japan has entered the Reiwa Era and so-called Society 5.0 with its dizzying pace of technological changes:

We must not fear Changes.

We must not only accept Changes,

but also continue to induce Changes as an Academy.


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