Japan Academy of Nursing Science


Chairperson’s Address to Members

February 2022

Shigeko Horiuchi, RN, CNM, PhD
Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Japan Academy of Nursing Science

Dear Members,

Unfortunately, we began this new year amid concerns about an increase in infections caused by the new coronavirus Omicron strain, so I will open by wishing good health for everyone this year. We hope to build a new global society by sharing knowledge and resources with people all over the world to help us all learn how to survive in the ‘With Corona’ era

Now I would like to move straight on to informing all our members about the activities of our Japan Academy of Nursing Science at the end of last year and for this coming year.

The Annual Academic Conference is always an important event of the Japan Academy of Nursing Science, and the 41st Annual Conference last December involved online participation by about 3,500 people, based around the theme of "The possibility of new nursing science through co-creation". The Conference was available on-demand from November 19 to December 28 last year, and live attendance was possible on December 4-5. The number of presentations, including various lectures, symposiums, exchange meetings and English Sessions etc., exceeded 1,000, and it was a great success. The Academy would like to thank Professor Yumiko Momose, the Chairperson of the Annual Conference, and all the other people also involved in its preparation.

Next, I would like to introduce the business of the Academy for this year. Following on from our aim of "revitalization of young researchers" of our previous term, the activity policy of the Board of Directors for this term is to expand and deepen our existing activities as the first nursing society with more than 10,000 members, as well as developing new spheres of activity. Here are some of the activity policies and specific efforts we are making.

1. Training and support of young researchers
(1) Our Academy’s Japanese and English journals continue their efforts to shorten the period from article submission until publication, and the number of article submissions has steadily increased. We are working to further solidify our position as the place for our members to publish their manuscripts and theses.

(2) We will continue our efforts to promote improvement of research abilities, such as promoting internationalization by subsidizing young researchers which started in 2021, publishing the first Guidelines journal in the nursing world, and continuing to secure large-scale research funds.

2. Promotion of research activities
(1) The Board of Directors is discussing the establishment of a new research grant system that financially supports highly original research activities of our members, and is proceeding with the groundwork with the intention of starting in 2022.

(2) With the aim of attracting many people to become interested in nursing, including young researchers and students who will lead the future of nursing science, we want to review and promote our social contribution projects, enhance our research ethics system including conflicts of interest, and promote research related to COVID-19. And we continue to focus on collaboration with academic societies in other academic fields.

3. Corporate management with an eye on the future
As a nationally accredited public interest incorporated association, we are working to improve our administrative efficiency, such as updating the Academy’s bylaws and optimising use of its assets, and improving the office environment.

In 2022, our aim is to promote the above activities and deliver results. The Annual Academic Conference has not been held face-to-face for two years, but for the 42nd Annual Conference to be held in December 2022, we are considering holding it using a hybrid format. We will meet with Representatives and members directly at the Representatives General Meeting and the JANS General Assembly, in order to receive a frank exchange of opinions, and cooperate with the Directors and Auditors for more active management of the Academy.

Last but not least, I would like to pray for the health of all Representatives and members, and ask for your cooperation and understanding in the management of our Academy.


The resolutions of the December 2021 Representatives General Meeting and the 41st JANS General Assembly are as follows.

Matters Reported and Resolved at 2021 Representatives General Meeting held on December 3, 2021


Ⅱ.Chairperson’s greeting

Ⅲ.Greetings from Chairperson of the 41st JANS Annual Academic Conference

Ⅳ.Appointment of the Chairperson and approval of the minutes taker

Ⅴ.Report on general affairs, report on the Board of Directors meetings
 and report on committee activities

Ⅵ.Discussion Items

  1. Approval of fiscal year 2021 Supplementary Budget (Primary / Proposal)
  2. Approval of fiscal year 2021 business plan changes (draft) and Supplementary Budget (Secondary / Draft)
  3. Approval of fiscal year 2022 business plan
  4. Approval of fiscal year 2022 budget
  5. Approval of Chairperson of the 44th JANS Annual Academic Conference:
    Professor Hitomi Maeda (Kumamoto University)

Ⅶ.Policy of this term’s Board of Directors

Ⅷ.Meeting ends

Reports at 41st JANS General Assembly held on December 4, 2021


Ⅱ.Chairperson’s greeting

Ⅲ.Appointment of the Chairperson and approval of the minutes taker


  1. Activity report and visionary message of Chairperson of the JANS Board of Directors
  2. Mission of each committee and business plan for 2022
  3. Report of fiscal year 2022 budget
  4. Introduction of new honorary members: Keiko Nakamura
  5. Report on Chairperson appointment of the 44th JANS Annual Academic Conference:
    Professor Hitomi Maeda (Kumamoto University)

Ⅴ.Discussion Items: Comments to the JANS board of directors

Ⅵ.Honoring of Award Papers

  • Outstanding Paper Award: Masaru Matsumoto
  • Outstanding Paper Award: Mikako Yoshida
  • Manuscript Recognition Award: Mari Abe

Ⅶ.Closing remarks by Chairperson of the 42nd JANS Annual Conference

  Chairperson: Michiko Moriyama (Hiroshima University)
  Duration: December 3 (Sat), 4 (Sun), 2022
  Venue: International Conference Center Hiroshima, etc

Ⅷ.Meeting ends

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