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Chairperson’s Address to Members

August 2021

Dear Members,

I am honoured to be elected as the 17th Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Japan Academy of Nursing Science at the Councilor’s General Meeting held on June 13, 2021. I promise to do my best to “promote the development of nursing science and exchange of knowledge in a broad range of relevant fields, and contribute to public health and welfare” as stated in the aims of JANS. I look forward with anticipation to working together with you to achieve these aims.

As to my ambitions and hopes for the two-year period of my term as Chairperson, while continuing the good work of my predecessor Chairperson Dr.Hiromi Sanada, I hope to contribute to further development of research activities and learning in this challenging new era of ‘Living With Coronavirus’, as follows:

1. Fostering young researchers: Publication of papers (Japanese and English journals), improvement of research ability (securing large-scale research funds, support for young researchers, creation of guidelines), and promotion of internationalization (sponsorship for presentations at academic conferences, overseas research grants)

2. Promotion of research activities: Establishment of a research grant system, promotion of social contributions, enhancement of our research ethics system, promotion of COVID-19 related research, collaboration with academic societies in other academic fields

3. Corporate management with an eye to the future: Improvement of bylaws, evaluation of our intellectual and physical assets, improvement of the Academy office environment to enhance management efficiency.

Since our Academy was established in 1981 with 185 members based on the foundation of the "Japan Association of Nursing Programs in Universities" (JANPU) which was six universities nationwide, the Academy has grown to more than 9,800 members. Now in 2021, I wish learning through our Academy to be attractive to the faculty members and graduate students at the member schools of the Japan Association of Nursing Programs in Universities, which now comprises 290 universities, 196 graduate schools (Master's), and 108 Doctoral schools. The real thrill of academic activities is that you can interact with other researchers through presenting your research, and it is a pleasure to come across ideas that shed light on your stray thoughts. Sometimes we may suffer from harsh opinions and disagreements from reviewers, but I think the environment of our Academy is a place allowing you to express your ideas freely from the standpoint of a researcher.

In conclusion, in August 2019, when I was reading the inauguration greetings of the new Chairperson two years ago, we had not yet started this fight against the new coronavirus. Even if coronavirus is still rampant and our public activities are severely restricted, it cannot shackle out thinking. The darker the night, the more important it is that we develop research and academic activities that you can hear and feel to sustain you. If you have any questions, ideas or comments, please do not hesitate to contact your Councilors, Directors, Auditors and the office.

Once again, I look forward to working together with you all in these difficult times.

Shigeko Horiuchi, RN, CNM, PhD

Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Japan Academy of Nursing Science


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