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Personal Information Protection Policy of Japan Academy of Nursing Science

Compliance with related laws and regulations

The Japan Academy of Nursing Science (hereinafter referred to as “JANS” or “the Academy”) promotes the development of nursing science, endeavours to promote widespread exchange of knowledge, and is engaged in activities to contribute to the health and well-being of people. In conducting its activities, JANS also regards it as an important responsibility to properly manage handling of personal information. Accordingly, JANS is keenly aware of the importance of correct handling of not only personal information of members and staff members of the Academy but also personal information handled in all academic activities such as manuscript submissions to the Academy’s journals (Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science (Journal in Japanese), Japan Journal of Nursing Science (Journal in English), and academic conferences and seminars etc. JANS will strictly comply with the laws and other requirements concerning protection of personal information and handle all personal information appropriately.

Collection of personal information

JANS collects personal information to the extent necessary for the provision and improvement of its services in accordance with the Academy’s objectives. When JANS collects personal information, it shall be gathered based on each person’s consent, with the purpose of collection and use clearly indicated.

Use of personal information

Personal information collected by JANS shall be used exclusively for the attainment of the specified original purposes of collection and use.

Provision of personal data

  1. Personal data collected by JANS will not be provided to third parties, except in the following cases.
    (1) When it is stipulated by laws and regulations.
    (2) When it is with the consent of the original provider of the information.
  2. When JANS publishes personal data on its website, it shall obtain the consent of the individual in advance, and the contents shall be created by that individual or with the consent of that individual.

Protection of personal information

JANS shall appropriately manage the personal data it collects in order to prevent leaks, destruction, falsification, loss, etc. Also, when entrusting personal data to external parties, JANS shall conduct proper management and supervision, such as concluding confidentiality agreements. If an emergency occurs, JANS will take prompt corrective action.


Cookies enable a website server to verify a website visitor by sending small data files from the server to the hard disk or memory of the viewer’s computer when the viewer browses the website. The JANS website uses cookies to make our website user-friendly for browsing by viewers. Cookies are recorded in the user's computer when visitors visit the JANS website, but the recorded information includes no identifiable personal information. Cookies are intended to provide information according to the viewer's wishes, not to violate the viewer’s privacy. Users can set their browser preferences to block cookies. However, if you block acceptance of cookies, please note that you may not be able to use some of the services and functions of the JANS website. (The Academy’s Office is unable to respond to inquiries about browser settings. Please refer to the "Help" menu of your browser.)

Personal information on linked sites

This JANS website provides links to other websites to provide useful information and services to JANS members. The Academy is not responsible for ensuring the safety of personal information at the link destination. Use of these links is at the discretion of each individual user.

Disclosure, revision, etc. of personal information

If you wish to confirm what personal information JANS has collected from you, it will be disclosed in accordance with the stipulation of laws and ordinances, upon verification of proof of identity. Also, if members request updating etc of your recorded personal information, after verification of proof of identity, JANS will promptly confirm the details and make corrections based on the result.

Alteration of privacy policy

JANS may alter its privacy policy in accordance with resolutions passed by its Board of Directors, due to revision of laws and regulations or other reasons. The altered privacy policy shall be published on the JANS website.

For inquiries and confirmation of personal information, please contact:
Japan Academy of Nursing Science Office
201 Fujimi Bldg, 3-37-3 Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan
Tel: 81-3-5805-1280
Fax: 81-3-5805-1281
E-mail : office@jans.or.jp

Purposes for using personal information

The purposes for using personal information handled by JANS and the JANS Office are as follows.

1. Personal information of JANS Members

  • Provide information on events, academic conferences etc., and various notifications and membership fees management
  • Implementation of questionnaires, opinion collection, committee member recruitment
  • Election-related (Representatives, Directors)
  • Payment for expenses related to attending Annual General Assembly, Board of Directors, Committee, etc. (including bank transfers)
  • Respond to enquiries
  • Operations related to the above items

2. Personal information of Donors

  • Work related to communication, adjustment, handling deposits, issuing receipts

3. Personal information of contributors of papers submitted to academic journals (Japanese journal JJANS/ English journal JJNS) (including publication in these journals)

  • Membership confirmation of contributors
  • Contact for peer review, acceptance results, review results, revision requests etc.
  • Publication in academic journals
  • Respond to enquiries
  • Administration related to the above items

4. Personal information concerning holding of academic conferences

  • Participation applications (including social gatherings) and management of participation fees
  • Communication, adjustment, payment of honorarium (including bank transfers) to lecturers, panelists, etc.
  • Invitation for chairperson, peer review
  • Membership confirmation and notice of acceptance or rejection concerning presentations, revision requests etc.
  • Schedule notification on the day of presentation
  • Contact to various project applicants (acceptance or rejection of applied plan, information on events etc.)
  • Creation of program booklet, abstract booklet and despatch
  • Publicity, public relations (press release distribution, responding to interview requests, etc.)
  • Respond to enquiries
  • Administration related to the above items

5. Personal information related to hosting seminars

  • Management of participant applications (at the venue, online) and participation fees
  • Contact, adjustment (including preparation of handouts), payment of honorarium (including bank transfers) to lecturers, panelists, etc.
  • Sending printed materials used in seminars
  • Respond to enquiries
  • Administration related to the above items

6. Personal information relating to various traders

  • Requests for planning proposals, estimates preparation
  • Request for work, consignment, payment-related (including bank transfers)
  • Administration related to the above items

7. Personal information of Staff

  • Calculation of salaries, payment (including bank transfers)
  • Safety, hygiene and personnel management
  • Administration related to the above items
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