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Committee Activities

General Affairs Committee

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The main responsibilities of this Committee are to manage the Academy office, evaluate member applications and manage the membership list. The Academy office is the Academy’s first point of contact with society, and supports management of the Academy and activities of the other Academy committees. Membership application evaluation and membership list management is being done with increased efficiency and individual focus through IT advances, while making every effort in our operations for appropriate handling of personal information of our members. The General Affairs Committee aims to fulfill its management role for our members by working in close cooperation with the Academy office staff.

Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science Editorial Board

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The Editorial Board edits the Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science (in Japanese), issued quarterly. The Board promotes submissions to the Academy Journal, receives the submitted manuscripts and requests reviews, and decides whether or not to accept the submission. The Board also invites special submissions and includes Academy articles (General Assembly minutes, reports from Representatives meetings and Board of Directors meetings, etc). Accompanying the introduction of on-line submission of manuscripts in 2010, instructions for authors and the manuscript review system were also changed. 12 months after publication, it is possible for authors to upload published manuscripts in an indexed repository of authors’ institutions. Effort is being devoted to promoting the on-line Journal and speeding up the manuscript review process.

Japan Journal of Nursing Science Editorial Board

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In order to disseminate academic information from Japan worldwide, the Japan Academy of Nursing Science started publishing the hard-copy and online version of Japan Journal of Nursing Science in English twice-yearly from 2004, and from 2014 it has progressed to being published as an online-only journal four times a year. In 2008, JJNS registered with the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) and Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), and in 2009 it was covered by MEDLINE, the world’s largest reference database in the medical field, boosting its status as an international journal. Toward its aim of consistent production of high quality issues of the Japan Journal of Nursing Science, the Editorial Board works to increase submission of manuscripts, and to provide a smoother review process and systemic improvement of the editing process. The Board also conducts seminars about writing manuscripts in English with the aim of disseminating information that conforms to international standards. In 2014, the Young Investigators Support Program was established with the particular aim to assist the development of young researchers.

Committee for Research and Promotion of Science

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This Committee is working to promote nursing science as an academic discipline by: (1) Gathering and reviewing information on nursing science and related fields from within Japan and overseas, (2) Disseminating information relating to nursing science and formulating policy proposals, (3) Promoting research capabilities of nursing science researchers. In the 2015-2016 FY, this Committee will strengthen the Academy’s information gathering system with the aim of setting priority research issues in nursing, and improve the Academy’s information dissemination capability for our members, general society, academic societies and administrative bodies. We will also continue to hold JANS seminars concerning research methodology.

International Activity Promotion Committee

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The World Academy of Nursing Science, whose establishment was proposed by the Japan Academy of Nursing Science, was established at Kobe in September, 2009 when the 1st Academic Conference was held under Chairperson Aiko Yamamoto. With Hiroko Minami as WANS Chairperson and the International Activity Promotion Committee acting as the Secretariat, preparation is under way to hold the 2nd WANS Academic Conference in Mexico in 2011 under the auspices of Sigma Theta Tau International, and representatives are being sent to international conferences. Following on from its last term, this Committee is updating its “transcultural nursing database”, and at an exchange session of the 30th JANS Academic Conference is planning a discussion on the topic of training nursing researchers from the viewpoint of global standards. A study of global nursing research institutions is in progress.


Steering Committee for Scientific Nursing Terminology

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This Committee was formed with the aim of conceptual standardization of nursing specialist terminology. So far, “Scientific Terminology for Nursing”, “Nursing Conduct Terminology Categories” and “Important Terminology Used in Nursing Science” have been selected and defined. As high technology and specialization continues to advance in the fields of health, medical treatment and welfare, in order to make clear the universal value of nursing and enrich the academic foundation of nursing science, it is indispensable to continue to accumulate data on the achievements of nursing activities and share this information among the nursing community and the wider public. In the 10th term after its inception, this Committee will build further on its success so far by continuing to evaluate important nursing terminology for conceptual standardization and dissemination.

Nursing Ethics Committee

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This Committee has created guidelines for an ethical evaluation system relating to nursing research, created guidelines for clinical research in nursing science and investigated ethical evaluation systems in the USA, with the aims of: 1) Monitoring and timely response to ethical issues arising in research, education and clinical practice relating to nursing science, 2) Conducting activities to improve ethics of researchers, 3) Information collection and provision concerning ethical social phenomena relating to nursing science, and consideration of appropriate response by the Japan Academy of Nursing Science. Now the Nursing Ethics Committee is studying how research activities by researchers are responding to the following guidelines that have been enacted: 1) Revision of “Guidelines for management and auditing of public research funds in research institutions (Enforcement Standard)” (February 18, 2014), 2) “Guidelines for response to unethical actions in research activities” (August 26, 2014), and 3) “Ethical policy for medical research involving humans” (December 22, 2014). The Committee will continue to provide a timely response to ethical issues arising in society, and publicize the Academy’s viewpoint to society, together with proposing response measures and educational procedure in cases where research ethics are contravened.

Social Contribution Committee

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Based on the Academy’s vision of “promoting social contributions taking into account benefit to all people (stakeholders) in order to fulfill responsibility to society as specialists involved in nursing science”, this Committee conducts activities that contribute to society through nursing science. At the Academic Conference, a People’s Forum and Nursing Techniques Experience Corner are conducted for all people to participate in. As a corporation training the next generation, the Academy provides a Nursing Science Café for high school students, providing opportunities to gain information about nursing science. After these activities, it is planned to make the contents available on the Academy’s website.

Selection Committee for Outstanding Manuscript Awards

List of Board Members

What is nursing science, what form of scholarship is it? Through commendation of manuscripts, this Committee endeavors to answer these questions. Specifically, from manuscripts published in the Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science and the Japan Journal of Nursing Science, the Committee selects outstanding manuscripts eligible for the Outstanding Paper Award and Manuscript Recognition Award. In the selection process, each Committee member carefully reads the manuscripts and the Committee selects the candidate manuscripts. The opinions of Academy Representatives and officers are also consulted in the deliberation process. The Committee proposes policy for the discovery and nurture of young researchers through manuscript selection, evaluates the award system for persons contributing to nursing science, and evaluates methods for recommending candidates suitable for awards from other organizations. The Committee hopes that manuscripts contributed to the Academy journals will increase, and that awards for manuscripts will contribute to improving the quality of nursing research and development of nursing science.


Public Relations Committee

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This Committee was formed following discussion at the 27th JANS Academic Conference (December 2007). The Committee publicizes the activities of the Academy to promote understanding and trust of the Academy by society. Specifically, in addition to producing the Academy’s pamphlets and meeting posters, it is responsible for management, maintenance and improvement of the Japanese and English versions of the Academy website. This Committee also works with the Conference Planning Committee and the Social Contribution Committee to publicize the Academy’s activities to society and the public, such as producing press releases of contents to be presented at Academic Conferences, and publicity for the People’s Forum and Nursing Science Café etc. The Committee also manages the website of the World Academy of Nursing Science (WANS), for which the Japan Academy of Nursing Science acts as the secretariat, thus contributing to dissemination of international information.

Young Scientists Committee

List of Board Members

Young Scientists Committee aims to contribute to future development of nursing science by actively promoting interaction not only with the Young Academy of Japan of the Science Council of Japan but also with young researchers from Japan and overseas in a wide range of fields. We will work to promote research activities of young researchers through periodic planning and management of interactive meeting opportunities at academic conferences, conducting research demanded by young researchers based on surveys of their current needs, and by providing academic information and notification of activities using electronic mailing lists etc.

Expert Committee on Support Activities for Disaster Nursing

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In order to support disaster nursing activities, this Committee discusses and deliberates concerning: 1) Items relating to disaster fundraising, 2) Items relating to public information, 3) Items relating to evaluation and approval of applicants for disaster nursing relief funding, 4) Other necessary items.

Research Conflict of Interest Committee

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This Committee judges potential conflicts of interest of JANS officials etc., decides on management methods for applicable matters, and oversees JANS management to ensure that inappropriate conflicts of interest do not occur. If a serious COI does occur in any of the business activities conducted by the Japan Academy of Nursing Science, the Conflict of Interest Committee is convened to investigate the matter and implement improvement measures based on their report.

JANS Research Ethics Review Committee

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When there is an application from an Academy member, and in principle when the Academy member is the principle investigator, and the Academy recognizes that ethics review is required by the Academy, this Committee will review whether the nursing research by the applicant was conducted under appropriate ethical considerations.

Nursing Care Development/Standardization Committee

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With the aim of promoting research activities, fostering young researchers and publishing excellent research results in Japan and overseas, this Committee aims to reinforce the foundations of Nursing Science and create a system to benefit people requiring nursing care in hospital or at home through the development and standardization of nursing techniques (nursing care) based on evidence from research results, used to solve practical and clinical problems. Our current goal is to develop and standardize “Nursing care relating to dysphagia and aspiration assessment during swallowing” in accordance with the Minds (Medical Information Network Distribution Service) 2017 Handbook for Creation of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG).

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